Find a Place for your Tiny Home!

Learn how to find land to rent or buy for your tiny home (on wheels or a foundation) and start living your dream in 2023!

From regulations to search tools and techniques to systems for your home and property, you'll be ready to buy or build your tiny home after this course!

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Meet your Instructor

Hello! I'm Lee...

A decade ago I built my own tiny home on wheels and founded the first urban tiny home community in the United States.

If I had waited until tiny houses were "approved" in zoning, I would still be waiting to build my tiny home. Instead, I've enjoyed ten years of mortgage-free living!

Over the past decade, I've taught thousands of people about tiny homes through my workshops, I've helped hundreds of people find land for their tiny homes through consultations, and I've worked with many cities on zoning for tiny homes.

I now want to help you find a place for your tiny home and hope you'll join me in this new course for 2023!

After over a decade of answering the question


I've developed a course to demistify the process of finding a place for your tiny home!


  • You want to buy or build a tiny home, but you're hesitant to begin until you know where you can place it.

  • You want to rent land for your tiny home, but you need to understand regulations and rental agreements.

  • You want to buy land for a tiny home and want to learn search techniques for tiny-friendly places.

  • You want to put a tiny home in your backyard and want to know how to do so safely and legally.

  • You dream of starting or living in a tiny home community someday.

  • You have land and would love to create extra income by starting a tiny home rental business.

  • You have a place for your tiny home, and you want to learn how to set up the property safely and economically.

Don't think you have to wait until tiny homes are "approved"...I'll show you how you can get started now!

By the end of this program you will:

Understand building and zoning code

How regulations apply to different types of tiny homes and where you can place them.

Know the types of locations suitable for your tiny house given the type of tiny house you want to buy or build.

Be an expert on the most effective ways to find land for your tiny home using online tools like zoning databases and successful search strategies hundreds of others have used to find their properties and parking locations.

Have developed a plan for your property or tiny home, and learned how to creatively navigate the grey areas of zoning to feel comfortable with your plan.

Know how to set-up the property for your tiny home, your options for systems (electric, water, wastewater, etc) and the materials you'll need.

Understand rental agreements and legal considerations, average rental costs, tiny home rental business models, and best practices for both tiny home owners and property owners.

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What's Inside Tiny House Placement:

Zoning & Building Codes

  • How building and zoning codes apply to different types of tiny homes.

  • Common mistakes people make when trying to understand zoning and placement of tiny homes.

  • Barriers to tiny house placement and options to get around them.

  • Zoning changes currently taking place across the country and how they affect you and your tiny home.

  • How to search zoning databases, interpret results and talk to your city or county officials about zoning.

Property Search, Setup & Resources

  • Search tools and proven strategies to find a place for your tiny home, whether you want to buy or rent land.

  • How to creatively interpret zoning regulations to get your project off the ground and/or find your parking location.

  • Site scoping and things to consider when choosing a location.

  • Services to consider on-site, options, and product recommendations.

  • How to set-up temporary infrastructure for your home when you don't own the land.

Best Practices & Rental Agreements

  • Rental agreements, liabilities and insurance.

  • Pros/cons of various types of rental agreements for moveable tiny homes.

  • Considerations for property owners and tiny home owners.

  • Common rental costs and tiny home rental business types.

  • Best practices for operating in the grey area of zoning and what to do if you get a zoning notice.

  • Checklist for moving your tiny home onto a property.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 2.5 hours worth of content split up in short, topic-based video lessons within 4 modules.

  • Private Facebook group to share knowledge, ask questions, get answers and access to locations.

  • Resource list and product recommendations.

  • Lifetime access to updates to course as zoning changes for tiny home types.


Two Bonuses

Rental Agreement Template (Value: $29)

  • What to include in a land rental agreement.
  • Pros/cons of various types of agreeements.
  • Liabilities and how to address them.

Tips and Tricks

(Value $29)

  • Tips for being in the grey area of zoning so you can safely live in your tiny home.
  • Common workarounds to zoning challenges.
  • What to do if you receive a zoning notice.

And you'll be backed by a 30-day guarantee

If you complete the course and don't find it useful, you can request your money back within 30 days of purchase.

About Lee

Founder of the nation's first tiny home on wheels community, Lee is passionate about land, home, and community. She believes we can take home back into our own hands with a little creativity and loves helping people find ways to built home without decades of debt.

With graduate degrees in Geography and Public Policy, she has worked in over 10 countries across the Americas, doing community mapping, environmental planning, and consulting on alternative housing strategies like tiny homes.

Lee regularly speaks at conferences on land and housing and has helped people as far away as Brazil, Singapore and Germany get started with tiny home developments!


What type of tiny houses are addressed?

The course addresses all types of tiny homes from tiny homes on wheels, tiny homes on foundations, accessory dwelling units and RVs/vans/skoolies.

I'm not ready to buy or build yet, so should I wait to take the course?

This course is perfect to take BEFORE you build or buy, so you can plan your tiny home journey knowing all the regulations and systems you will need to take into account during your build process.

I already have a tiny home, so do I need this course?

If you're looking for land or wondering how best to setup your tiny home or property and the regulations and legalities surrounding tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels, it's never too late to take this course.

I'm outside of the United States, is this course applicable?

This course is most relevant to those in the U.S. and Canada, but the techniques can apply to other countries as well. All examples in the course, however, are given from North America.

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